Because exercise for weight loss is so often associated with strenuous effort and/or is simply boring, it can be a challenge for many. But the good news is it need not be. The truth is, starvation rations in combination with boring strenuous exercise is not the only way to drop the pounds.

Kickboxing raises the body’s metabolism and consumes those obstinate calories.

What brings out the best in people such as you and me is exercise that is fun! Kickboxing is a perfect example. It is a great combination of rapid focused movements such as kicking, punching and dance moves. This activity has a competitive intensity which speaks to all who allow themselves to embrace the moment, to enjoy vigorous movement and feel their body respond. What is immeasurably beneficial is the conditioning that occurs as well as that often elusive weight loss!

The strength of Kickboxing is its combination of the fun, sociable aspect while simultaneously working the body’s various systems (cardiovascular, muscular, skeletal etc). By incorporating upper and lower body movements while using the organs Kickboxing raises the body’s metabolism and consumes those obstinate calories. The total of the body’s biochemical processes is its metabolism. Metabolic action requires energy which is measured in calories. The higher yours and my metabolism, the more calories are used, it’s that simple. Simply put, the perfect duo is kickboxing and weight loss.

More specifically, what else can Kickboxing do?

The American College of exercise is a recognized authority. This organization has declared Kickboxing a full body workout which addresses all major muscle groups whilst improving aerobic capacity (lung – heart performance), increases endurance and strength while also decreasing stress. What’s neat is that distressing ourselves with Kickboxing also reduces our desire for poor food choices (do I hear snacking and comfort food?). Those empty calories are associated with stress eating which means weight gain. With Kickboxing it’s a win-win-win situation. We have a complete picture with all sides covered: the mental (focusing skills), psychological (stress control) and physical benefits.

How many calories can you expect to burn while Kickboxing?

A good approximation is given by A 30 minute Kickboxing workout by a 150-pound person will burn between 325 and 345 calories. Variables include the workout intensity and the person’s weight, but it’s a good template from which to work. What is recognized and has been discussed in this article are the mind-body changes. They may be difficult to quantify, but they are there. What makes sense is simply this, Cardio Kickboxing is great for weight loss and kicking those calories away! If we examine the basic weight loss formula of “calories in vs calories out”, Kickboxing works perfectly. It burns calories yet acts as a natural guide for good nutritional intake.

What if I am not cut out for vigorous workouts or competitiveness is not my thing?

That’s fine! A great variation is Cardio Kickboxing. This is a group workout where a class instructor guides participants through sequences which are easy to follow and do not involve any kind of contact. Yet they still generate the weight loss, strength work and mental benefits associated with Kickboxing. This environment is friendly without the intensity of competition and sparring of Kickboxing. And that works fine for some participants.

With Cardio Kickboxing you do not need the equipment used in Kickboxing (gloves, headgear etc). Pre-sparing prep with punching bags and suchlike are not used.

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